Member Expectations


Living in community has at its core the concept of stewardship which is taking on the responsibility for actions that will maintain and enhance the community. Based upon our values, stewardship is the acceptance of responsibility to shepherd and safeguard the community's well-being as well as our physical environment. As members of Durham Cohousing, we implicitly accept the role of stewards of our community and all its assets. We are all stewards bound by our own sense of responsibility to live cooperatively in a way that realizes the potential strength and beauty of our community.

Among the aspects of being a steward of Durham Cohousing are:

  • Recognizing that great communities are not born. They are built.

  • Accepting personal responsibility to make our community a better place for everyone.

  • Using our values in every decision we make and every action we take.

  • Recognizing that our actions have an enduring effect.

  • Being called upon to participate in many roles that contribute to our community.

Caring for each other


Living cooperatively means we care for each other.

  • We treat each other with respect in our actions and words.

  • We assume good intent.

  • We trust our processes and each other.

How We Build Community

We give of our time and talents for the benefit of the community by:

  • Engaging in shared governance through service on task circles and hubs and participating in monthly plenary meetings that guide our community life;

  • Caring for our building and grounds and keeping them clean and beautiful;

  • Choosing activities based on our interests, talents, and skills, and according to the needs of the community, including opportunities for initiative and leadership, such as:

    • Preparing a meal with a cook team 

    • Participating in our semi-annual Work Days 

    • Managing building maintenance contracts 

    • Mulching spring flower beds 

    • Paying community bills

    • Planning retreat activities 

We enjoy interacting and socializing with each member selecting his/her level of engagement, such as:

  • Hosting movie nights and game nights

  • Offering airport rides

  • Sharing vegetables grown in the garden 

  • Organizing pop-up dinners

  • Involving neighbors in civic service opportunities

  • Sharing tickets to performances and sports events

  • Participating in interest groups for writers, artists, quilters, science fans, readers, meditators, etc.

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