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Member Expectations

Raking leaves in the garden


Living in community has at its core the concept of stewardship, which means taking on the responsibility for actions that will maintain and enhance the community, as well as our physical environment. As members of Durham Cohousing, we are all stewards bound by our own sense of responsibility to live cooperatively in a way that realizes the potential strength and beauty of our community.

Among the aspects of being a steward of Durham Cohousing are:

  • Recognizing that great communities are not born. They are built.

  • Accepting personal responsibility to make our community a better place for everyone.

  • Using our values in every decision we make and every action we take.

  • Recognizing that our actions have an enduring effect.

  • Being called upon to participate in many roles that contribute to our community.

Group of four smiling residents

Living Cooperatively


We work together to create a strong and vibrant community.

  • We treat each other with respect in our actions and words.

  • We assume good intent.

  • We trust our processes and each other.

How We Build Community
Cleaning a window with squeegee

Building Community

We collaboratively maintain and enhance Durham Cohousing’s community, building, and social fabric.


What we commit to

  • We participate in the responsibilities, decisions and activities of teams that support our community. 

  • We attend scheduled plenary meetings.

  • We regularly perform some of the many tasks that keep our building safe, clean, and in working order; we come together for work days.


What we may choose to do

  • We take leadership roles on hubs, teams and ad hoc groups.

  • We volunteer for neighborly favors, such as: rides to the airport, baking birthday cakes, cooking pop up meals, sharing music, shopping or making meals for those in temporary distress.

  • We join in organizing, facilitating and attending community entertainments: house concerts, outdoor movies, celebrations, etc.

  • We participate in ad hoc conversations about important issues.


We recognize that as we age or experience health issues, we will need to strive to find alternative ways to contribute to the community.

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