Joel C.

Resident since 2019

"Coho made our move to Durham the easiest of many moves. We had friends to call on for any question about the community or to share dinner with from Day 1 — and more suggestions than we could hope to follow of things to do and see."


Bill T.

Resident since 2014

"One of the greatest things for me about living here is the balance that exists between the privacy I can feel at times and the intimacy and sharing I can feel at others. Participating in our committees — hubs and task circles, as we call them — puts me in position to be involved in decision-making and to investigate and express my feelings as I attempt to influence my life and living environment."


Pamela G.

Resident since 2014

"As a painter, it has been a great joy to live among other artists and folks who appreciate art at our Coho.  We have three groups in our community that make art an important practice. And, art here at Coho is in good company — the downtown Durham Arts Council, Durham Art Guild and loads of local art studios add to the vibrancy of life here."


Amy V.

Resident since 2014

"Durham Coho offers a richness in our daily interactions because we know each other. I might encounter a neighbor in the laundry room and ask about her kid's home-buying efforts or greet a neighbor while they're landscaping the grounds and hear a marvelous story about one of their grandchildren. As a self-managed community, we work together, too. I enjoy the collaboration of meetings just as much as I enjoy mopping behind my vacuuming buddy. I am grateful every day for my Coho family — for the caring spirit that comes with living together."


Martha S.

Resident since 2014

"Our common spaces have been the setting for so much. The Dining room has heard many house concerts where we were standing room only after 80 chairs. We use it for plenary meetings, exercise groups, and for watching elections. The writers and artists gather to share work there. Saturday movie nights bring about a dozen people together in the Media room. In the Project room, people have made political protest signs on the table. More recently, visiting grandchildren have established a beachhead there of a play kitchen, trucks, books and art supplies. These spaces have hosted many more activities than we imagined years ago."


Marian P.

Resident since 2014

"I set myself the challenge to think of one word that exemplifies our community’s spirit — and I can’t do it. So, I’ll cheat and string four words together into one: kind-generous-involved-talented. Each of those makes me very grateful to be able to live and share here."