What Is Durham Coho?

What is Durham Coho?

Durham Coho is a community of individuals and families contributing to each other’s lives. We share community meals once a week, enjoy Happy Hour gatherings most nights, and join together to work and play in many ways. Members help each other as they can with, say, airport rides or cooked meals during illness, while respecting individual privacy, and recognizing that we all have lives outside the community. We each contribute as our talents and energy allows to maintain our common space and support our community activities. We take pride in our shared governance model.

What's it like to live in Durham Coho?

Living in Durham Coho offers a feeling of security, a culture of caring and sharing, and an environment of playfulness and synergy. We can walk out of our own condo into wide, spacious hallways and talk to friends. Neighbors gather on our top floor terrace or front porch for “happy hour” conversations and we enjoy pop-up dinners using our backyard grills and sharing meals each Sunday in our dining room. 


Living in the vibrant urban environment of downtown Durham, we can walk to films, plays, exercise clubs and restaurants. Many of us enjoy walking one block to the Durham Farmer’s Market, imbibing local beers at a nearby brewery, or listening to jazz or country music in a neighborhood venue. 


We care for and provide mutual support for each other, while valuing individual privacy. At the core, we are part of a community - an extended family of "cousins." Beyond our daily encounters, we enjoy movie nights in our media room, community work days, holiday parties, game nights, house concerts, spontaneous gatherings, book talks, and more.


While each of our homes in our 24-unit building is outfitted with kitchens and baths, we also share common areas – a laundry room, a café, a large dining area with well-equipped kitchen, and a magnificent outdoor garden area. A workshop and a craft room allow the pursuit of hobbies. Our first floor common areas include two guest rooms for family and friends. We can park one car per condo in our underground garage and store our bikes there, too.

Who are we?

Our lively and creative group includes medical, legal and financial professionals, scientists, teachers, academics, social workers, musicians, published authors, craftsmen and artists. We are 37 strong ranging in age from 50 to 85, half of which are employed while retirees are involved in many and varied non-profit organizations. Most of us have worked and lived abroad and are avid travelers. We are diverse and welcoming to all sorts of residents.

Why do we choose to live in cohousing?


Our members enjoy a downsized, community-oriented and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Cohousing offers:

  • Community. We’re happier, healthier, longer living people with daily social interactions and connections. 

  • Sustainability.  Our energy costs are reduced with our efficient building systems, shared resources, and sustainable approaches to living.

  • An Enhanced Life. We find joy in playing together, sharing milestones, and collaboratively caring for our home. We value individual worth, community spirit, vibrancy and sustainability.

Our Community Values

Individual Worth

We respect the talents, labor, commitment, ideas, experiences & needs of each individual.

Community Spirit

We nurture our spirit of community with cooperative, consensus based decisions; mutually sustaining work; life affirming activities;  camaraderie; & engagement with the surrounding community.


We encourage development & expression of passion, playfulness, appreciation, awe, synergy and affection.

Quality Space

We attend to the quality of our physical space, assuring that it is inviting, aesthetically pleasing, physically safe, fiscally sound and green.


We consider long term implications of our actions on our health and well-being as individuals, our relationships with one another, our  building, and the social and natural environments in which we live.

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